As if it's not hard enough already to drag ourselves out of bed.

Ahh, bed. Everyone’s favourite place to be. The single most comfiest, cuddliest and warmest thing on planet earth – aside from perhaps the embrace of a mother polar bear (we can dream).

Until now, it was hard to imagine how bed could actually get any better, but thanks to the Balluga Smart Bed, ever more dizzyingly euphoric heights of comfort and relaxation are just round the corner. The Balluga Smart Bed is an interactive mattress that connects to an app on your phone or its touchscreen remote to give you control over all sorts of variables that help you drift into dreamland.

balluga smart bedFirst up, there’s a climate control feature which uses ambient air from your bedroom to warm you up on a chilly winter’s night, or ventilate you during the balmy summer. When the temperature is just right, you can concentrate on loosening those stiff muscles with the Vibro-Massage feature. By targeting pressure points on your body, the mattress will emit soothing vibrations to help you sink into a blissful zen of calm…Hnnnggh.

And thanks to the mattress’s suspension system, you can control just how far it is you’ll be sinking. Simply tell the app how firm or squishy you want your mattress to automatically adjust the firmness. Once you’ve nodded off, the mattress will monitor your body’s pressure on different zones and auto-adjust its air pressure levels to keep you comfy.

The mattress itself is made from air spring cells interspersed with supportive layers of memory foam, which should stay good as new throughout the life span of the bed.

Balluga Vibro massageIf you’re the bed partner of a snorer, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also an anti-snoring mechanism. Not an ejector seat, but it’s as good as – almost. The mattress has built-in sensors that can detect the frequency of snoring, and when they pick up an offending snort, they activate an air suspension system to gently lift the snorer’s head to silence them without waking them up.

As a convenient little extra, there’s a night light on the bottom of the mattress that lights up when it senses you’ve got out of bed to help guide you safely back in again. For sleep-tracking folk, the mattress also monitors your heart rate, body temperature, and the room temperature to help you learn about your sleep habits via the app in the morning.

The Balluga Smart Bed had an extremely successful time of it over on Kickstarter, and is fresh up on Indiegogo to allow latecomers to grab a deal too. The current lowest early bird package sits at $1,299 (£994), and shipping is set for October this year.