Two new features make the thermostat even better at knowing when you're home.

Nest has treated its smart thermostat to a virtual makeover, with two brand spanking new features that will make it even cleverer at working seamlessly with your entire connected home.

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The first new trick is a Home/Away Assist feature that uses your phone’s location to determine whether you’re at home. Before, the device relied solely on its built-in motion sensors and software algorithms in your other household gadgets to work out whether you were close-by, which was no good if you walked a little too swiftly past the sensors on your way in or out.

Always keeping security in mind, the Nest will keep your location information private via an encrypted connection, so only your thermostat will know whether you’re at the garden gate.

The second new trick is Family Accounts, giving up to 10 members of the family the ability to log on to the Nest app with their own sign-in credentials, while before you had to rely on one account. That way, your thermostat can monitor the location of everyone in the house, and only switch to Away mode when everyone leaves the house.

Your Nest camera and smoke detectors can benefit from this new feature too. Your camera will be more wise to your location, giving it a better idea of when you leave and return, and your smoke detector can run its sound checks when you’re out of earshot.

The great thing about Nest’s new talents is that both new and existing thermostat owners can reap the benefits. The new features are available right now via the latest iOS and Android versions of the app.

Story via: Engadget