Control everything from your Philips Hue lightbulbs to Amazon Echo through the super-secure ZOE smart home assistant.

There are lots of awesome hubs to keep your smart home running like a well-oiled futuristic machine, but there’s one common caveat that puts a lot of people off making the leap to a smart home; if they connect to the cloud, your data isn’t safe.

That’s why Protonet has invented ZOE, a hexagon-shaped hub with voice recognition that runs your entire smart home independently from the big bad cloud. All of the various data about your smart home gets kept in an encrypted data store on the device itself, safe within your home server and firewall where only you have access to it.

ZOE’s main function is to tether together your many existing smart home solutions to let you control them from one place using your voice. She works with all the big names too, like Philips Hue, Google Nest, Dropcam, and Amazon Echo. She can recognise 1,500 voice commands, with an enhanced syntax recognition engine that helps her understand sentences she hasn’t even heard before.

In case you’re slightly out of range of ZOE when you want to bark an order at your bedroom lightbulb, or ask your heating to crank up, ZOE comes with optional Voice Drops, which are additional little microphones you can dot about the house to extend ZOE’s hearing range.

If you rely on smart home recipes from IFTTT, the great news is that ZOE is the first ever smart home hub that comes with an IFTTT engine included. This gives you the power to make groups of your gadgets trigger and react to each other.

As if ZOE isn’t irresistable enough with its repertoire of smart tricks, it’s also a rather beautiful addition to your home. It comes in plain white, but you can customise its look with art covers that snap on via magnets. ZOE also has 26 LED lights that silently communicate your home’s status.

ZOE has stormed past its funding goal over on Indiegogo, where you can jump in line for an early package from $199 (£140). ZOE is expected to ship worldwide this December if all goes to plan.