Make all of the appliances in your home work together like a well-oiled machine with these incredibly handy Zuli smart plugs.

Imagine being welcomed home after a gruelling day at the office by calming mood lighting, a boiled kettle, and your favourite chillout tunes serenading you softly – all without having to lift a finger.

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That’s the kind of luxury treatment you’ll be enjoying on a daily basis with these Zuli smart plugs. Housing smart sensors and Bluetooth to wirelessly connect them to an app on your smartphone, these clever learning plugs let you remotely control a whole host of home appliances with a single tap, and monitor your habits over time to make your home autonomously adapt to your lifestyle.

Take that welcome home scene, for example. With Zuli smart plugs connected to your MP3 dock, your living room lamp, and the kettle, you can use the app to schedule all three devices to turn on together whenever you walk through the door. Plus, there’s a dimmer feature in the app which lets you set lamps to the perfect light setting even if they don’t their own dimmer switch.

It doesn’t matter if you’re late or early, because the clever sensors in each plug can accurately pinpoint your location, meaning your home will transition into a tranquil haven as soon as you step through the door.

Likewise, when you leave the house all of your Zuli plugs will automatically turn off their host appliances – unless you don’t want them to, that is. You’ll be able to toggle the settings of individual appliances in the app, so if you want that living room lamp to stay on when you head out later in the evening, it’s not a problem. But if you do want the iron to switch off when you step away from it, or your music to stop when you nip to the shops, Zuli has got your back.

There’s a added bonus for anyone with a Nest learning thermostat, because Zuli plugs can communicate with it to make your heating schedule even smarter. When you arrive home, for example, your Zuli smart plugs will tell Nest that you’ve arrived even before the thermostat’s own motion sensors have detected you.

Unlike most other smart plugs on the market, Zuli smart plugs have an onboard energy meter to determine how much energy you’re using. You can see a run-down of the energy consumption of each individual appliance in the Zuli app, and you’ll even get a monthly energy bill estimate based on your usage. Like all of Zuli’s features, those estimates will get more accurate the longer the plugs live in your house.

The plugs themselves are sleek an unobtrusive, with a small LED display showing the appliance’s status, and a control button on the side in case you want to manually switch them on and off.

Our only gripe is that the plugs are currently only compatible with iOS, so anyone without an iPhone will have to wait patiently while the company works on Android compatibility. You can buy a pack of three Zuli smart plugs from for $159.99 (£112).


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