Climote is a smart heating hub that replaces your existing heating time-clock and connects to your Wi-Fi to put complete control of your heating schedule within an app on your phone.

With an app compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, you can reset or boost your heating, and even turn on your hot water from anywhere in the world, whether in your living room, sitting at your desk at work, or about to board a flight back home.

You can also choose to communicate with your newly smart heating – Climote – by texting it instructions or sending them over the cloud via the desktop application.

With the ability to create water and heating schedules, you can quickly ask Climote to kick into your desired mode, like Holiday, Work, or Winter, with a maximum of three time per day to play around with per mode.

It only takes 30 minutes for Climote to be installed by a technician before you’re ready to start customising your home heating on the go, whilst saving time, energy, and money on your bills.

The Climote Hub is $399 (around £258).


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