If the clutter of all your coffee accoutrements is cramping your kitchen style, you'll appreciate this sleek all-in-one pour-over.

Coffee-making is more like alchemy than merely mixing up a drink, and this kind of fine art requires more than just a kettle. If you’re not careful, half of your kitchen worktop can end up looking like a caffeine-fuelled science lab, which doesn’t bode well if you’re short of space or enjoy a minimalist workspace.

If that hits a nerve, you’ll be pleased to meet Cora. A fledgling Kickstarter campaign from young Oregon-born creator Aaron Freyer, Cora is an all-in-one coffee pour-over made from the finest hardwood and ceramic.

Cora perches elegantly in your kitchen to act as a kettle, brewer, digital scale and bean container at once, and is also pretty beautiful, which does help.

Cora beansCora’s hardwood container base acts as an airtight storage space for your favourite beans and grounds, and can – according to Freyer – hold enough of the good stuff for a weekend away. Atop the base is a Bluetooth scale, which links to an app on your phone to send an instant weight to an app on your phone from the carafe above.

That carafe is a curvy ceramic affair that helps with the brewing process. It clips to the scale magnetically, and is clad in natural cork to protect your hands from burning while you pour that liquid gold. It fits standard cone filter papers, which beats having to buy niche and expensive filters like with some modern brewing machines.

The final component is the ceramic kettle, which doubles up as a pouring spout when it’s placed inside the carafe. Just pick up the whole shebang and pour straight into your mug – à la only the best artisan coffee shops, yes?

Cora pouring

It’s still early days for Cora on its journey to Kickstarter stardom, but that means you can jump in and snap up the best early bird bundle before the coffee fiends swarm in. It’s $99 (£75), and shipping is set for January 2017 if the campaign gains momentum and nails its funding goal.