She's in your kitchen, she's on your wrist... Where next?

If you can’t stand leaving Amazon Alexa on your kitchen countertop when you go out, there’s a solution. The luxury CoWatch is the first ever piece of wrist kit that can communicate with the famous virtual assistant.

This means that convenient Alexa tricks like hailing an Uber, ordering a pizza, controlling your connected devices and paying bills with your voice can be literally up your sleeve. How about that?

Basically, it’s going to be like wearing the Amazon Echo on your wrist. Except you can leave the room – or even the house – and still be able to feel close to Alexa. Ask her questions, crank up the thermostat, get traffic updates – even use her as your on-call doctor.

cowatch-amazon-alexa-silverJust treat Alexa exactly the same as you would if she was living in your smart home, except without having to actually be anywhere near your smart home.

Aside from being Amazon Alexa incarnate, CoWatch is actually a pretty rock solid smartwatch in its own right. Available in carbon black or mineral silver stainless steel with a high-res AMOLED display, it’s got a sleek luxury finish that doesn’t scream tech-packed wearable. It’s sturdy and water-resistant too.

cowatch-amazon-alexa-coloursInside, Alexa makes room for a gyrometer, magnometer, accelerometer and a heart-rate sensor. When you’re not talking to your hand like a crazy weirdo, CoWatch will count your steps, track your calories burned and display whichever interchangeable watch face your mood dictates.

CoWatch recharges via a magnetic charging cradle. A single charge should give you up to 32 hours of wrist time in the watch’s Always On mode.

After hurtling miles past its funding goal on Indiegogo a few months back, CoWatch is up for grabs on Amazon in the States for $279 (around £215). The great news is that shipping to the UK is available too.