Meet the snarling Doberman of the connected home.

There are a few small steps you take can take to tighten up on IoT security for your home of connected gadgets, but Cujo is a device that wants to single-handedly thwart smart home spies and hackers for good.

It might be named after the eponymous dog of the 80s horror flick, but Cujo is actually less rabies-ridden death hound, more cloud-connected device that sits quietly on your tabletop, you’ll be pleased to know. It’s built to bring security to all of your IoT things, protecting you against identity theft, financial fraud, device destruction and many more unthinkable home hackings.

Cujo smart home security device

Cujo works its magic by sampling network traffic data locally, then sending metadata to the cloud for analysis. If it suspects a threat or suspicious activity, it automatically issues a block and sends a notification to your phone straight away to let you know. In the app, you can control access for select devices and manually override any blocks if you so wish.

The great thing about Cujo is that it works on a plug and play basis, so there’s no tricky installation or fussy setup process required to get it working with your home of connected devices. As soon as it’s in sync with your WiFi router, it will automatically start guarding all of your connected IoT devices on the network, constantly adapting to block any new incoming threats.

Cujo Smart Home Security Device

You can buy Cujo for $99 (around £90), which includes a 6 month subscription to Cujo’s services. After the trial period, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $9 (around £7) to keep your home protected. Shipping to the UK adds $10 (around £8) to the overall price.