It also has built-in foot detection to light your way to the loo.

If you’re a champion of minimalist décor and fussy gadgets have put you off the idea of a smart home, Curvilux might just catch your eye. It’s a smart bedside table that wraps phone charging, smart lights and home control into a single piece of rather chic furniture.

With two fast charging USBs and a wireless charging area, Curvilux can charge up to 3 gadgets all at once, including phones, tablets, smartwatches and pretty much anything else that juices up wirelessly. You plug your wired gadgets into the USB on the back end of the table, and that wireless charging area is within reach from your bed.


Curvilux isn’t just perfect for beating tangled cables. It’s also got a built-in audio system with dual Bluetooth speakers to let you beam tunes from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. There’s a mic for hands-free calling too, which beats having to hold a phone to your ear when you’re nestled into a perfectly puffy pillow.

At night, Curvilux doesn’t sleep. It’s always on standby in case you need a trip to the loo; in which case, its motion sensors will detect the moment your feet hit your bedroom floor, and automatically activate the LED night lights to make sure you don’t trip over your slippers on the way to the toilet.



Come morning, Curvilux will wake you with its smart alarm, mimicking natural sunlight to rouse you gently into the day. Even its drawer is smart, boasting a digital lock that you can unlock from your phone, keeping your midnight stash of treats safe from your other half.

The great thing about Curvilux is that it’s going to get even smart over time. Its New York-based makers are hoping to develop a whole host of smart home devices like thermostats and lighting systems that will work in tune with Curvilux.

You can reserve Curvilux here for $250 (around £200).