A minimalist smart doorbell for subtle doorstep surveillance.

Most smart doorbells we meet these come equipped with motion sensors, a security camera, night vision and more bells and whistles still. But the Ding doorbell is out to prove that you don’t have to cram in every kind of functionality out there to be a great smart home gadget.

Currently reaping in funding over on Kickstarter, the Ding Doorbell offers the simple luxury of a notification via an app on your phone every time the doorbell rings, along with optional 2-way voice chat to let you chat with your visitor from afar – or inside your house, if you like.

Ding doorbell smartAs well as the neat and colourful little button that fits outside by the front door, the Ding system comes with a fabric-covered chime, which sits anywhere convenient in your home to ring out when someone presses Ding. That’s available with various fabric options to fit in with your home décor.

The obvious downside to Ding is that you don’t know who’s calling until you actually decide to speak to them, which isn’t ideal if you don’t want to initiate dialogue with a burglar or intruder, making it obvious you’re not in the house.

Ding Doorbell smartDing’s maker – a British company called Ding Labs – acknowledges this concern on the Kickstarter campaign. It suggests that you can always tell an undesirable visitor that you’re in the house and unable to make it to the door, which is actually the same advice you’ll get from video doorbell makers like Ring and Doorbird anyway.

The one bonus with Ding is that it’s cheaper than any of the smart video buzzers we’ve come across, sitting at an early-bird pre-order price of £99 on Kickstarter. You’ve got a wait on your hands if you’re sold on Ding, though; shipping isn’t scheduled until August 2017 if the campaign hits its funding goal.