Problem solved with the Circo dishwasher - a tiny, standalone dishwasher designed to sit next to your washing up sink.


It also serves as a rack where the dishes can be left to drip dry, so you can still get the Marigolds on and get to it old-style, and needs no electricity or plumbing, making it ideal for small kitchens or holiday homes, etc.

Users just need to fill the base-tray with water, add a sodium acetate tablet to heat it up, and start turning the handle on the side.

The tiny marvel is super-eco friendly, using just a fraction of the water used by a typical washing machine – 0.7 gallons of water versus 2.2 gallons.

Where can you get one? Inventor Chen Levin is at the investment stage, so watch this space. In the meantime, here’s five other little problems that have been solved by tech just recently…