Its time to upgrade Fido...



PlayDate pet ballA durable pet ball ready for rough and tumble, PlayDate is equipped with a stabilised hidden camera, a WiFi connection and the ability to roll around the floor at your command. Connect PlayDate to the app on your phone, and you can use the directional touchpad to make the ball roll around your house for your dog’s enjoyment wherever you are in the world.

You can spy on their play session in real-time via the ball’s live HD video stream, and there’s even a two-way mic for chatting to your dog if he seems a little lonely. Let’s not pretend none of us do that already…

Of course, a pet ball with a hidden camera would be nothing if you couldn’t save the memories, so PlayDate also lets you snap pictures and record footage from your remote play sessions. To throw in a bit of extra excitement and mystery, you can also activate PlayDate’s customisable virtual squeaker, or insert some ribbons into the outer slit in case your cat’s feeling left out.

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GoBone with PitbullGoBone is a pooch-proof dog bone with an IoT brain. It connects to an app on your phone to let you dispense treats and play fetch from anywhere with an internet connection. Packing a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours in Autonomous Play mode, GoBone can roll about your house at your command, responding to motion control a little like Nintendo Wii Bowling.

As well as tootling along the floor for your dog to chase, GoBone will kick into action automatically the moment you place it on the floor. Want to incentivise exercise? Just pop a couple of treats in the bone’s treat dispenser. Give GoBone a couple of taps, and it will spring to life instantly. Train your dog to tap it twice, and you’ve got a canine genius on your hands…

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easyFeed cat dog pet feederPacking WiFi, a two-way camera and a smart weighing system, easyFeed lets you plan your pet’s entire feeding schedule from an app on your phone. With your phone in hand, you can customise every single meal – from how much easyFeed dispenses, when it dispenses it and how frequently without needing to fiddle with annoying timers.

Wherever you are, the easyFeed app gives you instant access to all you need to know about your dog’s feeding habits, including when he last ate, his entire feeding history, habits and trends, and even his calorie intake.

Its 2-way camera and microphone let you see and chat to your pet from anywhere in the world, giving you the unique opportunity for some long-distance bonding, as well as the ability to shout at Rex when he decides to start shredding the arm of the sofa in your absence. If he does as he’s told, you can reward him by tapping the app to dispense a single treat.

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Disco Dog

Disco DogIt’s like that old chestnut of a saying goes: if you can’t bring your dog to the party, bring the party to your dog. Disco Dog is a smartphone-controlled LED jacket that lets your dog wear its very own rave-tastic light show. With its very own microcontroller and Bluetooth LED chip, Disco Dog connects to your phone to let you customise its light sequence in an app.

There are preset animated modes like sparkle, stripes and firefly, or you can input your own message for your dog to carry on its back. Disco Dog also comes with a Lost Dog mode to keep your pooch safe and sound. If he ever wanders too far out of range and the connection gets lost, the jacket will automatically flash a LOST DOG message to alert bystanders that he’s lost his owner.

The app also lets you control the brightness of the lights – just in case Disco Dog is too party-tastic for some folk to handle.

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FitBarkHiding a 3-axis accelerometer, FitBark is a tiny bone-shaped activity tracker that lives on your dog’s collar to monitor his every waking and sleeping hour. With an app on your phone, you can monitor his behaviour, devise an exercise plan, and track your dog’s adorably-named BarkPoints to make sure he’s on track.

FitBark is also designed to make your dog’s healthcare a doddle. Its makers claim that its in-depth data can help you explain changes in behaviour and make better decisions with your vet.Of course, it’s going to be super-easy to keep on top of your dog’s health with FitBark’s Fitbit compatibility, syncing all of your data alongside your furry best friend’s.

There’s some healthy competition to be had if your dog has FitBark-wearing friends, because you can add other dogs to the app’s TopDog Board and have them compete for weekly, monthly, and all-time champion titles.

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furboThe guilty days of leaving your pet home alone are over, because Furbo is an internet connected HD video camera and treat dispenser which, upon a bit of app tapping, will launch a fresh treat across the room for your pet’s delight while you watch on your phone or tablet.

Yep, we said “launch”. It will literally throw it. How clever and is that? There’s even a microphone for a bit of two way communication while you’re missing your dog at work, plus a bark alert should your dog start, well, barking about something, which it definitely will.

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Dyson Groom Tool

Dyson Groom ToolThat’s right, folks. It’s officially acceptable to hoover the dog. The Dyson Groom tool is a bristled head that attaches to your Dyson’s hand tool fixture to let you essentially suction-groom your dog’s fur to remove loose hair, dead skin cells, and all of the other detritus that gets lodged in its coat before shedding all over your carpets. J

ust run the head through your dog’s coat as you would a brush, and the combination of the bristles and the vacuum’s suction power will do the rest. While you’re grooming away and live-streaming the event to YouTube, you can manually adjust the bristle length and switch between groom, self-clean and self-store modes with just your thumb.

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Pooch Selfie

pooch-selfiePooch Selfie is a phone accessory like no other. It’s a tennis ball that attaches to the top of your phone, sure to get your dog’s attention long enough for a perfect portrait. Sure, you’re tricking them, but the ball does detach from the plastic fastener, so it’s not 100 per cent mean. Just a tiny bit manipulative.

This isn’t a normal ball, either. It also squeaks, giving it an extra hit of doggie-diverting power. Pooch Selfie just slots onto the top of your phone, so can naturally be used whether you’re just looking for a doggie snap or actually want a full-on front camera canine selfie with you in the pic too. Just make sure he doesn’t lunge for the ball before you hit the shutter button.

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Petcube Play and Petcube BitesPetcube is a durable, box-shaped HD camera packing a safe laser pointer and a 2-way speaker and microphone to let you interact with your furry friends in real-time when you’re away from home. Whether you’re telling Fido he’s being a good boy or giving Dr. Snuggles his final warning to not go within a 1-metre radius of the fish tank, Petcube is a fun and easy way to stay close to your pets when you can’t be there in person.

With the Petcube app on your phone, you can indulge in all sorts of advanced spying and pet-taunting. You can also view cam favourites, see a play history, and get visual feed updates to help you keep tabs on your doggy. There are also motion and sound detection alerts to give you an instant heads up if there are any major disturbances caused by your dog or someone else.

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