It knows who you love - and who you don't.

Wouldn’t it be handy to get a notification from your door when your favourite people pop round and you’re not home? Enter the Doorbird smart doorbell.

Doorbird device uses clever face recognition technology to remember the important faces who pass through your door, and sends a delightful alert to your phone every time they come back.

Whether it’s gran popping round for a biscuit and a brew, your best mate with your birthday present, or that special someone with a bottle of wine and a film, Doorbird will use advanced video analytics to figure out who it is, and instantly alert an app on you’re phone via its WiFi connection – wherever you are in the world.

Doorbird appWhen you get the alert, you then have the option to chat with them – depending on whether or not you can get to the door. With a built-in noise-cancelling microphone and speaker, you and you visitors will be able to hear each other loud and clear.

Imagine being able to tell the postman a safe place to leave your package, or remind the milkman when you’ll be back from your holiday. It’s like taking your doorstep with you wherever you go, without the hassle of having to actually get up off the sofa to go and open the door.

Doorbird ringingOf course, if you get an alert when you’re actually at home, you’ll be able to head straight to the door knowing full well who’s at the other side. Or in the case of Mr. Next Door turning up for another dull and lengthy conversation about the state of pavements, dodge behind the sofa. Nobody said Doorbird will only recognise the good guys.

Along with ultra-clever face recognition, Doorbird comes with a 180˚ motion sensor to trigger alerts and an alarm, and infrared LEDs for night vision. Bird Home Automation is even talking about throwing in third-party device compatibility, so you could link Doorbird to your smart thermostat or lock and have them work in harmony with each other.

Doorbell is shipping worldwide, and it will cost UK buyers €349 (around £296). Order yours here.