It's the timely gadget you've been waiting for. Or rather, that's been waiting for you...

It’s all fun and games putting your trust in your phone to rule your life, but tech isn’t all perfect. Sometimes those many apps, notifications and messages from that inanimate screen in your pocket can be overwhelming, annoying, or simply untimely. And that’s exactly where Dot comes in.

Put simply, Dot is the push notification that you need right now. Not in half an hour, not ten minutes ago, but right now – just as you’re walking into a room and find that you need something.

Grab Dot, download the app and put Dot somewhere important, and it turns into a real-life alert to make your digital life happen seamlessly. Dot works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. It then uses GPS to detect where you are, and then tailors your phone notifications to exactly where you are in life.

Walk into the kitchen in the morning, and a Dot on your kitchen cupboard will tell your phone that it’s time for your daily news app to open. It could even trigger a pre-written text to send to your workmate who car shares with you telling them you’re about to set off. You see? Silent and discreet until you need it – just how notifications should be.

There are tons of ways Dot can be useful, and it all depends on where you put it and how creative you want it be. You could even pop one next to your favourite reading chair and have it fire up your eBook on your eReader when you sit down, or keep one in the garage to get a reminder to lock the door behind you when you leave.

Got house mates? You can use Dot to send messages to each other to co-ordinate buying milk or picking up groceries. Its note-taking function lets you leave a digital sticky note for someone else to pick up when they go near Dot at an opportune moment. That gives your sloppy house mate zero excuses for forgetting to take out the rubbish when they walk past the bin.

Philips Hue White Ambience

Dot can even trigger smart home gadgets like Philips Hue lightbulbs

Dot has LED feedback too, which means you can ditch notifications altogether and opt for a more gentle reminder if you like. It can glow different colours when you’re near it to remind you to do something, like take medicine if you put it on the bathroom cabinet, or feed the cat if you put it somewhere prominent in the kitchen.

Once you’ve set up Dot, it pretty much runs itself. Its battery lasts around 6 months to a year depending on how much you use it, so you don’t have to faff around with charging cables or regular battery swapping.

Best of all, Dot is completely affordable. You can pre-order one from Kickstarter for $20 (around £15), with worldwide shipping set for March 2017. Treat yourself and opt for the $55 (around £42) package, and you’ll get a grand total of 3 Dots to scatter about your house.