Want to take high-quality photos but can’t be bothered with a DSLR? Check out the DxO One camera.

The DxO One is a little module you plug into your iPhone that radically improves the quality of photo your phone can take. Think your iPhone already takes good photos? This little thing will blow your mind.

It’s actually a full-fat camera, the DxO One just doesn’t have things like a screen and viewfinder that would make it the size of a normal snapper. The really important bits, like a camera lens and sensor, are certainly packed in.

How does it work? You just plug the DxO One into your iPhone’s lightning port and operate it using the camera’s app.DxO One demo

The reason why the DxO One can take much better pics than even an iPhone 6S is that it has a much larger sensor, a 1-inch one. This is the thing that harvests the light that goes into making a photo, and being so much larger it’s able to produce much better low-light shots than any phone camera.

You really can get close to DSLR-quality here. Just look at it: it’s nowhere near that sort of size.

It takes photos up to 20.2 megapixels in resolution, and has its own microSD memory card slot so won’t take up all your phone’s memory. And when you’re not using it you can simply yank it off your iPhone. Perfect.

At £399 the DxO One only costs around the same as a much, much larger dedicated camera. Check if out if you’re after ultra-high quality photos with none of the bulk. Find out more.

DxO One

It’s perfect for the ultimate doggy slow-mo