This should take away the strain of keeping your cats and dogs fed and watered.

Want to feel confident that your pets will get the food, drink and love they need when you’re away from home? easyFeed is just the ticket. Currently reeling in backers over on Kickstarter, it’s a smartphone-controlled pet feeder that puts food, drink and 2-way comms at the heart of your pet’s watering hole.

Packing WiFi, a two-way camera and a smart weighing system, easyFeed lets you plan your pet’s entire feeding schedule from an app on your phone. With your phone in hand, you can customise every single meal – from how much easyFeed dispenses, when it dispenses it and how frequently without needing to fiddle with annoying timers – or, for that matter, rope the neighbour in to do the job while you’re on holiday.

easyFeed smart pet food dispenser catWherever you are, the easyFeed app gives you instant access to all you need to know about your pet’s feeding habits, including when they last ate, their entire feeding history, habits and trends, and even their calorie intake. What’s more, if you’re trying to get Fido to eat a cheaper dog food that he’s not immediately keen on, you can set up a pet food transition schedule to gently ease him into his new grub.

When it’s time to stock up on pet food, easyFeed has a time-saving trick up its sleeve. It knows when you’re about to run out, and connects to your Amazon account to automatically reorder more food before you’re caught short. Just tell the app exactly what kind of pet food your pet eats, and it will make sure there’s a delivery on the way because you even realise you need one. Brilliant.

easyFeed pet food dispenser appWith food and drink taken care of, easyFeed throw in some extra features to keep your furry folk happy. Its 2-way camera and microphone let you see and chat to your pet from anywhere in the world, giving you the unique opportunity for some long-distance bonding, as well as the ability to shout at Mr. Snuggles when he decides to start shredding the arm of the sofa in your absence. If he does as he’s told, you can reward him by tapping the app to dispense a single treat.

If you’re sold, you can jump in line for easyFeed on Kickstarter. It’s US and select countries only at the moment. Early bird pre-order prices start at $155 (around £118), and shipping is set for November this year.