Pair Echo's mini-me device with one of these smart plugs to command your home with your voice.

When Amazon launched its voice-controlled Echo speaker in the UK recently, it also popped its Echo Dot device up for grabs alongside it. The Echo Dot is basically a tiny hockey puck-sized version of the larger Echo, except you need to pair it with your own speaker via Bluetooth or cable to get quality audio for beaming tunes.

The Echo mini-me is up for pre-order at just £49.99 – a fraction of the price of Echo. But if you want to take its voice-control capabilities to another level, you can grab Dot with a WeMo Switch bundled in.

amazon-echo-dotSo what does that let you do? The WeMo Switch is a WiFi-connected mains plug that lets you control anything plugged into it from an app on your phone. Plug your TV into it, for instance, and you can schedule TV time for the kids and turn the system on and off remotely all from the WeMo app.

You can get alerts when your device powers off, and even pair gadgets with IFTTT to set rules and recipes. Plug in your washing machine, for instance, and you’ll get an alert when the cycle is finished. Brilliant.

belkim-wemo-switchHow does Echo Dot come into the mix? Well, basically, you can do all of the above using your voice. Just talk to Echo Dot to make your gadgets do your bidding, and then kick back with some music while your smart plug does the work.

You can buy Echo Dot and the WeMo Insight Switch together here for £73.98. The WeMo Switch is £39.99 on its own, so you’re getting a tidy little discount too. Shipping is set for 20th October this year.

This article mistakenly said that the Echo Dot is available to buy alongside the Wemo Insight Switch, which tracks energy usage alongside letting you control gadgets remotely. This has now been corrected to the WeMo Switch, which doesn’t have the energy tracking function.