He's the bathtime friend who sings, plays and grows along with your child.

Bath toys are endless fun – it’s just a shame they have to stay in the bathroom. But with Edwin the Duck, the fun doesn’t have to stop at the tub.

A classic yellow rubber ducky with a cheeky smile on his beak, Edwin the Duck comes with an injection of smart tech to give your little ones all kinds of connected fun whether they’re bathing in bubbles or pottering in the garden.

So what does he do? First up, he’s got a built-in Bluetooth singer so he can play tunes and even stream audio from movies. He comes with pre-loaded sing-a-long tunes, or your kids can play their own from a connected device like a phone or tablet. He’s waterproof, obviously, so he can still carry a tune while he’s bobbing in the bath water.

Edwin the Duck bathWhen he’s on dry land, Edwin the Duck can play interactive games with your child. With the animated game on your tablet, kids can control an animated Edwin by tapping, shaking and throwing the real-life Edwin (gently, mind). The games promise to be both fun and educational, encouraging little one’s to develop their problem-solving and memory skills, as well as learn valuable life lessons.

Edwin the Duck gameEdwin the Duck is even there for your child at bedtime to make them feel safe and comforted, turning into a soothing night light when you give him a tap. He will even play calming sounds like white noise, a heartbeat and lullabies to help them drift off, and fade out to keep them in dreamland. All of his nighttime settings are easily accessed in his Sleepy Time app.

Edwin the Duck night lightIf you want to give your child an Edwin the Duck friend, you can go here to buy him for $99.99 (£70).

That’s probably more than you ever imagined you’d spend on a rubber duck in your life, but to end with the wise words of his makers…

Edwin the Duck