This dishwasher tech could be your new best friend.

Hate unloading the dishes? Electrolux might have something to make you smile. It’s called Comfortlift, and it’s out to revolutionise the simple act of taking stuff out of your dishwasher.

Revealed at the IFA tech show in Berlin last week, Exectrolux Comfortlift is a new kind of technology soon to be gracing Electrolux dishwashers to make your kitchen life a doddle. Now, instead of having to bend over like a luddite to grab a plate from the bottom rack, you can swing the rack itself up to waist height for easy grabbing.

One you’ve unloaded the bottom rack without having to bend your knees, you can swing the rack back down by pulling the lever underneath the front handle. There are soft grip wine glass holders to keep your glassware safe, and soft spikes for added stability for your various bits and pieces. There’s even a baking tray rack above the top rack.

Despite the Comfortlift tech, the dishwasher will still have enough space for 8 full place settings. It will also run at a super-quiet 39 dB, including an extra-quiet cycle that runs at 37 dB.

There’s no hint about pricing yet, but you can expect to see the nifty dishwasher tech rolling out to the European marker beginning this month.