Steam is a smart water heating unit that wants to save you bucketloads on your bills by putting control at your fingertips. And it's now available for pre-order.

Updated: since featuring this back in February this year, Hellosteam’s been in contact to tell us that the product is now available for pre-order here:

If you resort to layering up like an eskimo when the house gets a bit arctic during the winter months, you might be pleased to hear about Steam.

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Steam is a WiFi-connected device that fits onto your existing hot water tank to put control of your hot water schedule – and your heating bill – in your hands.

With the Steam app on your phone or tablet, you can now turn the hot water on and off, set heating times, and get alerts about your tank wherever you are. Steam will analyse your consumption habits to outline any bad routines you might have slipped into, and will even advise you on how to correct your wasteful ways – like when the best low-rate times are for cranking up the heat, and the appropriate level for your water.

Onboard sensors give you an even deeper insight into what’s really going on in the tank, like how much hot water is left, and if there’s a pesky leak that needs tending to.

Steam will be launching this year, and its makers claim that it’ll pay for itself after just a year of use in a standard 3-bedroom house, as well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions. You can get in line to be one of Steam’s beta testers here.