Honeywell and Panasonic are clearly a match made in heaven because your smart home just got smarter.

Panasonic have just announced that their range of DIY  Home Monitoring Systems is now fully compatible with the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats. All the devices can now sync seamlessly to make controlling your home, security and temperature easier than ever.

This new integration means all your security data from your Panasonic Home Network app is fully compatible with the Honeywell functions including smart response and weekly programming. This means you can easily manage your security and energy settings all from your phone.

The home monitoring kits enable you to set up a comprehensive but affordable security system with a range of devices placed in and around your home. The cameras automatically start filming when unusual activity or motion is detected. The footage is then streamed to your smartphone or tablet so you can review the alert and decide whether to take action. You can also connect your phone number to the app so that when there is a security alert, you will receive an automated phone call updating you on the situation.

The cameras, complete with night vision technology, also let you remotely communicate with anyone at your door so you could, for example, leave delivery instructions for a courier.

The indoor room cameras monitor the air and will send you a notification if your room gets too hot or too cold. This is when the integration with Honeywell comes in handy because you can instantly fix the situation and adjust the temperature all from your phone.

You can manage it all completely remotely so you can keep an eye on your energy bills and feel more comfortable around your home. Parents of young children can also remotely check up on their baby and play a lullaby, keep an eye on them using the camera, and set the perfect temperature for them to nod off.

Both devices are designed to give you more peace of mind and make controlling a smart home more intuitive. This new compatibility is available to use now and you can order your kits and smart thermostats here.