Your dream of a completely wireless life is inching ever closer...

If you’re a practical, minimalist kind of person who enjoys things neat, clean-edged and fuss-free, you probably hate your phone charger with a passion. Good news – it’s finally time to ditch it and bring in EnergySquare.

EnergySquare is a wireless charging pad that looks a little like a miniature array of solar panels. Rather than charge your phone using induction like standard wireless chargers, EnergySquare uses its very own patented conductive charging tech to juice up your phone wire-free. It’s simple, sleek, and can even charge multiple devices at once.

To get your phone EnergySquare ready, you need to add one of the tiny stickers that comes with EnergySquare. This clings discreetly onto the back of your phone and plugs into its standard charging port. Then, simply pop your phone onto Energy square, and with the sticker’s conductive dots connected to the squares on the pad, your phone will automatically start to charge. Plus – because there’s no induction, no energy gets lost, which means your phone will charge as fast as normal.

EnergySquare sticker

A small sticky strip is all that’s needed to get your phone EnergySquare-ready

EnergySquare is even smart when you’re not using it as a charger. When there are no devices connected to it, it will kick into a smart sleep mode, preventing any power waste when it’s not needed. Plus, it’s water-resistant, and is apparently impervious to pretty much any liquid, so it shouldn’t matter if you spill your morning coffee over it.

EnergySquare is currently ploughing through its Kickstarter funding goal, and it’s just on the cusp of snapping up enough interest to go into production. It’s available for all kinds of devices, including all smartphone with micro USB chargers, lightning chargers, and USB type chargers. You can nab an early bird offer for €49 (£37) at the moment, which gets you one EnergySquare and five stickers of your choice. Its release date is set for November 2016 if the campaign is successful.