They DO say pigs are intelligent...

Want to teach your kids to be smart with money? This ERNIT smart piggy bank is there to make the business of money management fun for kids.

Designed to deal in digital – not physical – money, ERNIT can keep track of digital money that you, friends and family send to your child. To make a contribution, simply open the ERNIT app, connect up your bank card and start transferring money to the piggy’s belly.

It’ll get safely stored in your account with your existing bank, but your child will be able to add it to its savings by pressing ERNIT’s snout, and can then see their earnings in the app on your phone.

ERNIT GifThe valuable lessons for children about how to properly manage their savings all come from within the ERNIT app, where you can help them set savings goals and track their progress for whatever big or small thing they’d like to buy – from toy cars and teddies, to granddad’s birthday present or a new bike.

ERNIT’s makers believe that visiting the app with your child will spark important conversations about the value of money, and the importance of spending responsibly.

Of course, it’s aimed at the little ones, so there are a few playful features to keep them interested if they’re still at that age where they’re not immediately concerned about the state of their finances.

Friendly LED eyes become animated along with its flashing snout when your child accepts a payment, and it’ll also make a happy piggy sound to celebrate.

ernit smart piggy bank with appIt can also receive what ERNIT’s makers are calling “fun money”, which is basically a way for friends and family to send a donation along with a personal message that will flash up on the pig’s snout.

The piggy bank’s design is a modern twist on the traditional piggy bank, keeping elements like the snout and curly pig tail, which also doubles as the cable to plug ERNIT into a power source.

ERNIT enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, and you can sign up here to get a heads up when it’s available to buy.