It slows the water flow when you're shampooing, scrubbing and shaving.

Sucker for a lovely long (and expensive) morning shower? Indiegogo hit the EvaDrop smart shower wants to help you kick the habit and save precious water the kind way. A connected gadget that its between your shower head and the wall, EvaDrop uses a smart sensor system to control water flow and save pennies without leaving you cold and dry.

When you switch on the shower, EvaDrop will notify you when your water hits the perfect temperature, then switch off the water until you jump in to save wasting water. If you step away to shave your legs, shampoo your hair or have a good scrub, EvaDrop’s sensors will detect you’re not standing directly under the shower head, and slow down the water flow until you’re back for a rinse.

Don’t worry – it won’t leave you shivering mid-shower. It’s designed to save water without ruining your showering experience, so there’s always enough water flowing to keep you warm.

The only time EvaDrop might ruffle your feathers is when its built-in timer decides you’ve been in the shower for too long, and flashes its lights to let you know it’s time to hop out and get dry. The saving grace here is that you get to decide what constitutes “too long”; you can customise your maximum shower tower in the companion phone app.

EvaDrop smart shower appThat phone app is where water saving gets seriously smart, tracking your water usage, habits and savings to help you save money on your water bill. You can also compare your usage with other EvaDrop users, see trends in water consumption for the whole EvaDrop community and get personalised tip and tricks on saving water.

If you’re not completely convinced about EvaDrop just yet, it might help to know that it promises to pay for itself in less than a year, and can save up to 50% of your water usage. It’s also compatible with around 90% of showers. Now you’re listening, eh?

EvaDrop is available to pre-order for just $199 (around £164). Worldwide shipping is available.