A neat little plug-in box that gives you remote access to the brains of your appliances

While kitting out our homes with smart lamps and coffee machines galore is a thrilling prospect, it’s not always in our budget. And ‘dumb’ as they might be, some of our existing appliances are rather lovely, thank you very much.

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But with Elgato’s Eve Energy device, it’s now possible to have our cake and eat it too. The compact plug-in cube sits between your wall socket and ‘dumb’ device’s plug to transform it into a singing, dancing smart device that you can control on your iPhone or iPad via Apple Homekit.

Take that unassuming standing lamp in your living room, for instance. With Eve Energy slotted in place, you’ll be able to remotely switch it on and off with a tap of your finger, give it voice instructions through Siri, and even incorporate it into your smart home ‘scenes’.

If you’re plugged into Apple TV, you’ll be able to sync it with Eve Energy to get remote access to your newly smart devices when you’re out of the house, rather than the basic level of Bluetooth range-restricted control via the Homekit app.

The Eve app also brings you previously unseen information about your device’s energy consumption, with graphs and charts that give you daily, monthly, or yearly updates about how much electricity it’s churning.

An Eve Energy plug can be yours for $49.95 (£45) from Elgato.com. The only catch is that it’s currently only available in the US, but you can count on us to keep a beady eye out for news of its release elsewhere.