Automatically unlock your phone, laptop, and other gadgets just by walking up to them.

Fancy having more power over your stuff? Everykey is a tiny keyring gadget that lets you unlock everything from your phone to the front door just by being nearby.

By broadcasting encrypted information via Bluetooth to identify itself when it’s in range of your devices, Everykey has the ability to unlock your phone without a code. It can also open the front door without a key, and even generate random secure passwords for all of your online accounts. How handy is that?

Setting up Everykey as the master key to your life is easy. Simply download its app and quickly pair your the device with the gadgets you want it to control. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, smart door lock, or even your car, Everykey can unlock it – just as long as it’s securely protected and has a Bluetooth connection.

EverykeyThis works for passwords too. As well as being able to generate unique secure passwords for any website, Everykey can pick up passwords for websites as you type them, converting them into an encrypted form for speedy access in the future.

Once you’re set up, Everykey will automatically unlock your devices when you’re within a 3-metre range by disabling their security mechanisms. When you move out of range, it’ll safely lock them again until the next time you need them.

And when we say safely, we mean it. It uses the same AES 128-bit encryption that the military uses to protect confidential documents, and all of your passwords for websites are safely stored in an encrypted form on an Everykey server rather than on the actual device.

Everykey laptop

Other cool safety features include the ability to remotely freeze your Everykey using the app if you ever lose it. If you never find it, you can order a new one that will work with all of your old passwords. You can also toggle its range in the app, which is customisable up to 3m.

Plus, there’s the added reassurance that Everykey is the brainchild of none other than the king of internet security himself, John McAfee. He’s most likely vanquished a virus or two on your PC over the years via McAfee Antivirus, so we’re trusting his authority on this one.

Everykey smashed an Indiegogo campaign a few months back, and you can now buy it here for $128 (around £104).