A Wifi router that puts virtual armour around your smart gadgets.

Online security company F-Secure is extending its blanket of protection over the IoT gadgets in our smart homes with its Sense Router.

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The Scandinavian minimalism-inspired device connects to your existing home router to create a new secure network to monitor and protect your various smart products. Whether it’s laptops, thermostats, smart TVs, or even baby monitors, Sense will act as virtual shield for your entire smart home against malware, unwanted data trackers, and other nasty cyber threats that your connected home is vulnerable to. As far as data collection companies are concerned, you’ll be invisible.

Sense works by diverting all of our network’s traffic through the F-Secure cloud, where its analysed to detect and automatically block and potential threats before you even know about them. With the F-Secure app on your phone, you’ll receive instant notifications when a threat is blocked, and will also be able to monitor all of the various gadgets running on the Sense network.

The Sense app also keeps you in the know about potential threats that might be circulating, with a global virus map and a series of useful tips about general cyber security. The router also has a subtle display which lets you see you updates about your network’s status at a glance, including whether there’s a potential threat rearing its ugly head.

F-Secure’s Sense router is available for €199 (£170), which includes a 1 year subscription to the app. Order it here.