No more flitting between screens when you're juggling a text conversation and a Facebook chat at the same time.

Android users can now see their private Facebook messages and texts all in the same feed thanks to a new update to Facebook Messenger announced this week.

The Messenger app now supports SMS messaging (you know…that old chestnut before WhatsApp), meaning Androiders can set the app as their default texting client and see all of their interactions from both platforms in one place.

Messages will be displayed in different colours to help users differentiate between content, with Facebook Messenger’s conversations in blue and SMS messages in purple. Facebook says that the new SMS feature supports most of “rich content”, including emojis, stickers, audio, location information and photos. GIFs, payments and third-party apps will be limited to Facebook messages for now.

If you want to bring your texts and private Facebook chats together, you have to enable the feature in the “default SMS” option in Messenger’s settings.

It’s not the first time Messenger has given its users special treatment this year. Back in March, Facebook announced that it was partnering with airlines to bring flight confirmation messages, boarding passes, check-in reminders and flight status updates to your chat box.