When it comes to food gadgets, there’s pretty much nothing we won’t get on board with. Anything that results in a tasty meal using newfangled tech is a winner in our books (Read about Stiro to see some of that magic in action). But the fun doesn’t have to stop when your meal is ready. Check out five of our favourite food gadgets that not only help you prepare food like a master chef, but bring smart tech to the very utensils you eat with.


HAPIfork is a smart fork that connects to a smartphone app to help monitor and track your eating habits.

HAPIfork works by the principle that eating too fast leads to poor digestion and weight control. When you lift it to your mouth, HAPIfork monitors how fast it’s moving, and alerts you with lights and gentle vibrations to remind you to eat at a slower, healthier speed.

It then sends information about your eating habits to an online dashboard at HAPI.com via Bluetooth or USB cable. A companion phone app lets you see meal stats in real time, like seconds between fork servings, number of fork servings, and how long your meal lasted.

HAPIfork is $79.99 (Around £52).

Gigl Smart FeederBaby Gigl

Your little ones can eat with smart food gadgets too with this connected feeding bottle. Gigl gives you detailed feeding stats straight from your baby’s mouth to your smartphone that can help prevent your baby developing Colic.

If you hold Gigl at the wrong angle for your baby, sound and light signals on the bottle will give you a gentle warning to adjust your method, preventing the baby from spitting up and getting an upset tummy. It’ll also alert you if there are lumps in the bottle stopping formula coming through the spout.

Meanwhile, the companion Baby Journal 3.0 app tracks how many times your baby burped, how many lumps were in the formula, and its temperature throughout the feed. After the feed, you’ll get a text or an email giving you a brief overview of the feed.

Keep an eye out here for Gigl’s imminent release.


SmartPlate uses advanced object recognition and weight sensors to weigh and analyse your meals and help you manage your healthy diet.

With the SmartPlate app, you can take a photo of your meal, and it will recognise what it is with 99% accuracy. Smartplate uses this and the information from the weight sensors to monitor your precise food intake.

The app lets you set up a personalised diet, including pre and post workout requirements, so that SmartPlate can keep you on track. “Portion Patrol” is always on standby to alert you if you over-serve.

Pre-order SmartPlate for $119 (£77).


This intelligent pan calculates the temperature of your food the moment it hits the pan, and sends instructions to an app on your smartphone to help you cook it to perfection.

Using step-by step recipes, the Pantelligent app guides you through the cooking process, displaying a continuous temperature graph to prevent burning and help you sear, sauté and simmer with ease.

The app’s Freestyle mode adapts to your own recipes, keeping an eye on the temperature of your ingredients, and alerting you if the pan is about to get too hot.

Pantelligent’s solid die-cast aluminium body gives better conduction to eliminate heat spots, with a non-stick coating to make cleaning up a doddle.

Pantelligent is $129 (Around £129).


Become a world class mixologist with this WiFi connected personal bartender that lets you mix cocktails from an app on your smartphone.

Fill up the removable Soma pods with your favourite ingredients and cocktail bitters, and the Somabar app will tell you what cocktails it can make for you from its range of over 300 craft drinks. Select your tipple of choice from the app, and Somabar will deliver it to your glass in seconds.

If you feel like going off-piste, you can customise your own cocktails by telling the app precisely what measurements to pour, and save your favourite recipes to use again.

Somabar even cleans itself after ever drink to ensure each creation is pure, and its removable pods are dishwasher safe.

Pre-order Somabar for $429 (Around £279).