Get the perfect temperature in every room with Flair's smart vent system.

A tech startup called Flair has revealed a duo of smart devices designed to give you localised temperature control of every single room in your smart home.

The Flair system is controlled by device number one, a wireless sensor called Puck that connects with your thermostat to monitor and control individual room conditions. It tracks and monitors ambient light, humidity temperature, and pressure in each room, learning your heating preferences over time and adjusting temperature through the Smart Vent.

That brings us to device number 2. Flair’s Smart Vent is a heating, cooling Vent that intelligently directs air flow throughout the home on Puck’s command.

Both of the devices connect to Flair’s app on your phone, where you can manually adjust Vent’s airflow and monitor the system. The app also uses geofencing to automatically adjust your home heating, meaning it will kick into different modes according to your location providing you’ve got your phone in tow.

The best news? Flair’s system is totally affordable. You can pre-order Flair’s Smart Vent for $40 (£29), and the Puck controller for $60 (£44).