This all-in-one home security system uses a Kevin McCallister-inspired trick to deter burglars (No, it doesn't coat them head to foot in sticky feathers).

Securing your house doesn’t have to mean peppering it with motion sensors, alarms and complex makeshift booby traps – à la the greatest burglar-buster of all time, Kevin from Home Alone. You can get all that functionality in one device – and it’s called FLARE.

Born of a Berlin-based company called BuddyGuard, FLARE is a home security system that rolls a HD surveillance camera, motion detection, face-recognition, sirens and burglar-deterring tech into a single compact device.

With 1080-pixel video quality and night vision, FLARE can capture all the comings and goings in your home with complete clarity, analysing facial features to learn who should be there and who shouldn’t. If FLARE’s motion sensors, microphones and facial recognition tech detect an unwelcome intruder, FLARE will issue a sound effect to trick them into thinking someone’s home – the sound of chitter chatter in the kitchen, perhaps, or the noise of someone washing the dishes. Got pets? FLARE recognises them, and won’t trigger its siren if it sees the dog jump on the sofa.

There’s voice recognition too, meaning you can change modes and give FLARE all kinds of instructions on what to do just by talking to it. It will also know you’re home just by the signal from your phone, activating its extra-assertive modes when you’re out, and shutting down certain features when you’re in and don’t need them.

FLARE can be controlled via an app too, giving you power over its schedule remotely. You can also use the app to add members to your security circle, and add various FLARE add-ons like extra cloud storage and BuddyReact – which connected your FLARE siren to a local alarm receiving centre to put you in direct contact with the police in the event of am emergency.

If your WiFi shuts down, FLARE’s embedded 3G sim card jumps in the save the day, meaning it will still be fully operational in a power cut. Its rechargeable batteries run for up to 3 days on a single charge too, so you’re covered in emergencies.

You can jump in line now to get FLARE at a discounted price when it launches. Be wary that some of its add-ons are only available in Germany.