It's the mouth-watering drinking gadget you need this summer...and winter.

If the mention of iced tea sends a thirsty shiver down your spine, you’ll be all over Flash Chill. An iced tea maker with a built-in tea infuser and temperature-proof exterior, it comes with the tall promise that it can deliver the world’s best iced tea.

To whip up a world-class icy brew, simply pour in some water and throw your favourite loose leaves or tea bags into Flash Chill’s large fine-mesh tea infuser, where there’s plenty of space for tea leaves to unfurl and unleash their lovely flavour.

Allow your tea to brew for a moment, then remove the infuser, throw in some ice, give that bad lad a good shake, and get gulping.

Flash Chill is big enough to serve up 4 helpings of iced tea, and has an airtight, leakproof lid to keep your tea fresh and flavoursome on a stifling hot summer day. It can also handle boiling water, so you can use it all year long for your various cool, hot and piping hot tea needs.

You can grab Flash Chill for $24.99 (around £19) from all-things-tea company Takeya’s website.