Snap a selfie, order a pizza and fake a phone-call during a terrible Tinder date with this smart stick-on Flic button.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could order pizza just by clicking your fingers, or call for help without having pull out your phone? With Flic, that’s exactly the kind of bonkers world you’ll be living in.

Put simply, Flic is a coin-sized wireless smart button that connects you to all of life’s conveniences with just a tap. By syncing with your smart device’s via your phone, Flic acts as a trigger for everything from your phone’s alarm mode and camera to your smart thermostat, Spotify playlist and the pizza guy.

To get Flic working, all you need to do is download the Flic app, give Flic a tap, choose the function you want Flic to carry out, and then stick Flic practically anywhere you want it. The possibilities with what Flic can do are practically endless, but Flic’s main talents include acting as a one-touch speed dial to your favourite person, alerting your friends to your GPS location if you’re in trouble, and controlling your favourite smart devices. With just a quick tap, you can crank up the heating on your smart thermostat, dim your Philips Hue lights, or even let your friends through the door via your smart door lock.

And yes, Flic will even fake-call your phone at your command when you’re stuck on an awkward date and need an excuse to leave sharpish. Shame on us all…

Although Flic is a one-button wonder, it can be controlled in one of three ways – with a single tap, a double tap, or by pressing and holding. This is useful if, say, you’re wearing Flic on your belt as a safe GPS tracker and you don’t want to accidentally call for help, or if it’s linked to your music playlist and you don’t want to inadvertently fire up your playlist by hitting it on your bedside table at 3 in the morning.

We could rave on about Flic’s talents, but we’d be here all day. You can find out more about what Flic can do here. A single Flic is just $35 (£24), but because one definitely isn’t going to be enough, you can grab a pack of 4 for $99 (£70). Each Flic runs on a standard coin cell battery that should give it 5 long years of life before you stick in a replacement.