You don't just want a robot that folds your clothes, you need a robot that folds your clothes.

On a good day, folding your clothes is just another dull chore. On a bad day? It can feel like the world’s cruel way of reminding you that you’ll never be rich enough to have someone else to do your laundry for you. With this FoldiMate robot, however, the days of madness are over.

FoldiMate is a clothes folding robot that promises to neatly fold your clothes in just 10 seconds. That’s 10 precious seconds you can spend doing other, much more superior and important stuff, like ordering around your robot butler.

The only effort on your part? Simply clip your clothes to FoldiMate using the built-in clips. You can pop in around 20 – 30 items at at time.

Loading the FoldiMateOnce you’ve loaded up FoldiMate with some fodder, the magic can start…

FoldiMate foldingAs an added courtesy, FoldiMate will also steam and de-wrinkle your clothes so they’re crisp and fresh next time you pull them out to wear.

FoldiMate steam cleanSmall caveat for weird pant folding people – Foldimate doesn’t work with underwear or socks. Please go away and rethink your life choices.

Even if you’re firmly anti the idea of technology taking over all of our household chores, you can’t deny that FoldiMate is brilliant. Time-saving? Check. Boredom-busting? Check. Ridiculously extravagant in the best possible way? Check.

FoldiMate should be up for pre-order in 2017 for $850 (£580). You can sign up here to be among the first to know when it’s time to jump in line. It’s expected to start shipping in 2018.