It knows if it's fresh, spoiled or on its way out.

If you’ve ever suffered the horrors of food poisoning, you’ll likely stop at nothing to avoid having to go through it again. That’s where FOODsniffer comes in.

Developed by Swiss scientists, FOODsniffer is being touted as a portable “eNose” that can detect whether raw meat, poultry and fish is safe to eat.

By gathering meat-emitted gasses from a cut of meat, FOODsniffer can detect whether its fresh, spoiled or starting to spoil. Just hover the device over the meat in questions and it will beam the information to an app on your phone in seconds.

FOODsniffer bag

FOODsniffer is wireless with a battery life of around 12 hours, which its makers say make it a perfect tool to take with you to the butcher, or even a friend’s house to “make sure dinner will be safe”.

Here’s hoping your friends aren’t easily offended. Probably best to stick to using it at home on your own potentially dodgy meat, eh?

You can buy it here for £106.