Ford is adding top-end noise-cancelling Active Noise Control tech to its cars to give you a peaceful ride.


Fancy cruising along sweeping country roads in a giant pair of noise-cancelling headphones? Well, almost. That’s the Active Noise Control experience Ford is touting with the launch of its Mondeo Vignale in 2016.

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The car is first in line to be equipped with the company’s new Active Noise Control feature, which cancels out both engine and outside noise for a smooth, silent drive.

The Active Noise Control feature works by detecting noises from the engine, transmission, passing cars, wind, and so on, with three microphones in the car’s cabin. They then emit opposing sound waves through the car’s audio system to counteract the racket and let you enjoy your music, conversation, or simply just focus clearly on the road ahead.

The system monitors the behaviour of your vehicle too, so it’ll anticipate when it needs to cancel out any loud noise from accelerating in low gears.

There’s the added perk of sound-absorbing, thinner-than-human-hair acoustic glass throughout the vehicle, and even the upholstery is apparently designed to absorb unwelcome noise. A tall order for a fabric seat; we’re not quite sure how that works just yet.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Active Noise Control feature in action:


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