It's a smart lock and video doorbell rolled into one neat little package.

An Indiegogo startup called Gate Labs is on a mission to put the Internet of Things on the front line of home safety with its Gate smart lock. But this isn’t just any smart lock. It’s a smart lock with a camera. And a doorbell. It’s a smart door-locking video doorbell.

Or in its makers more concise words, the world’s first camera-equipped smart lock.

You might think putting a tiny camera on a door lock is a simple thing, but it actually hasn’t been done yet. Sure, you can buy a video doorbell that syncs with your smart door lock, but one gadget that handles all that functionality? Not until Gate came along.

Gate smart video door lockPacking 2-way audio, a call button, a keypad and a teensy weensy motion-activated spy camera, Gate puts a whole world of doorstep security at your fingertips. Lock and unlock your door from afar, chat with visitors when you’re on the other side of the world, see who’s calling before you answer, grant temporary pass codes to cleaners, workmen and dog walkers… Basically everything a smart lock and a doorbell can do in one neat device.

You can enter your home using Gate in a number of ways; either using the built-in keypad, the app on your phone, or just your traditional keys. Your guests can buzz in using the call button, although its quite discreet, and we’re not entirely sure it’s that obvious that you can press it. Unless you make a little sign.

Gate is compatible with any door that has a standard deadbolt borehole. You can install it yourself in just a few minutes using a couple of screws. Then, just download its companion app, get Gate working over your Wifi and you’re set to go.

Gate Smart Video Door Lock

Gate comes with a rechargeable battery pack that should power it for around 4 months before you need to juice it up again over micro USB. Don’t worry – you’ll get plenty of notifications from Gate before its battery runs out, giving you time to recharge it before it runs out of fuel on the job.

As you’d expect with any all-singing, all-dancing smart door-locking video doorbell, Gate has crushed its funding goal on Indiegogo with still a month left to rake in funding. It’s currently up for grabs at $209 (around £170), and worldwide shipping is set for March 2017.