It's like the old saying goes - reaction GIFs speak louder than words.

If your phone memory is bulging at the seams with reaction GIFs galore and your friends can pretty much pinpoint the exact point in a conversation at which you’re going to message back with Dramatic Chipmunk, Gboard was made for you.

Gboard is Google’s answer to your boring, GIF-less iPhone keyboard, and the solution to your mid-message Googling needs. It puts the power of Googling and Gif-ing right underneath your thumb when you’re typing a messaging, meaning you never have to exit that message window again to find a comeback.

Gboard GIFsTo get at the GIFs, all you need to do is tap the ‘G’ icon on the keyboard, From there, you can either tap to Google stuff, look for an image, or directly hunt for GIFs using keywords.

Obviously, the integration of Google search is going to be a huge bonus too. Imagine when your friend asks for the address of the café where you’re meeting at. Before, you’d probably exit the messaging app, open up Google, search for the address, copy it, go back into the messaging app and paste it.

Now, all you have to do is tap that little Gboard icon to Google straight from your keyboard, and Google will pull up your results in the form of cards for you to share directly. What foolish lives we’ve all been living.

Gboard searchGboard also lets you message using ‘fluid typing’, which is where you glide your fingers over the keyboard to type, rather than tapping away wildly at every individual key. One other awesome little trick we’ve been saving for last is Gboard’s intuitive emoji tool. Want to drop in the 💃 or 👯 emoji in a hurry? Forget browsing that cluttered emoji menu – just search for ‘dancer’ to auto-insert it in an instant.

At the moment, Gboard is only compatible with iPhones, which is a bit baffling given that Google is the mother of Android. We’re sure it won’t be long until it hits Android, but for now, iPeople can download it here.