Forget calendars, diaries and post-it notes cluttering the fridge door. This Glance clock puts schedule on the wall in lights.

Ever looked at the clock to check the time and had a horrid, niggling feeling there’s something you should be doing right at that moment? With this smart Glance clock, now you’ll know exactly what.

Glance is a smart clock with a backlit display that communicates with smart devices like your phone, smartwatch and thermostat, and visualises information about your day-to-day life in illuminated chunks.

Got an important meeting in your smartphone calendar? Glance will remember in the morning, lighting up a coloured arc over the meeting time and displaying your calendar entry in the LED lights. Reminder set to buy your Gran a birthday card? Glance’s face will blink to give you a gentle nudge.

Glance Clock step goalsAs well as telling you where you need to be and when, Glance can also display a whole host of useful information about the other gadgets in your home. By connecting to devices such as the Nest thermostat, the Samsung SmartThings hub, and Withings gadgets, Glance can display your home’s energy and water consumption, heating schedule and loads more of helpful home status updates.

If you’re in the habit of activity tracking, Glance will even integrate with your stats and display your sleep cycles, workout summaries, pulse rate, blood pressure, calories burned and whatever else you’re monitoring alongside the time.

Using the Glance Clock app

With the Glance app, you can take full control over exactly what information Glance displays. You can even choose how it’s displayed, toggling between coloured arcs, segments, screen blinking, or a customisable combination of all three.

Once you’ve fiddled with Glance’s look and feel, there isn’t any laborious set-up required. Glance automatically sucks up data from all of your various gadgets and gizmos over Bluetooth via the cloud, so everything should tick along nicely after a brief initial configuration.Glance Clock Amazon Alexa

Glance Clock and Amazon Alexa

It wouldn’t be a true smart things these days if it didn’t play nice with Amazon’s famous voice assistant. In the words of Glance’s makers, you can now give Alexa a face. Ask Alexa a question, and you can see the answer appear in lights on Glance’s face. It’s simple stuff mind – like what’s next in your calendar, and so on.

The Glance clock is accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo now. The cheapest early-bird offer currently sits at $99 (around £75). You can find out more on Glance clock’s website.