No more spitting gross tepid tea back into your mug.

If there was an award for the most British Kickstarter campaign ever, the Glowstone smart mug would surely take first prize. Closing in on its funding goal with two weeks left to go, the very British smart mug aims to solve one very British problem. Cold tea.

If you shuddered in disgust at the mere mention of it, Glowstone is for you. A fine bone china mug packing smart sensors, a slim heater and a gently glowing light, Glowstone is designed to keep your hot drink at the perfect drinking temperature from the first to last sip.

glowstone-heated-mugLike most great Kickstarters, Glowstone is simple yet genius. Everything about it is automatic, so you don’t even need to think about keeping your tea hot. It just happens. The mug can sense as soon as there’s a hot drink inside it, and then work to keep that drink at the best temperature for enjoying it. Apparently for tea and coffee, that’s between 60°C and 65°C.

The glowing ring of light will illuminate the moment it senses there’s liquid inside too, acting as a gentle reminder that your mug’s got your back. Only when you’ve taken your very last sip of tasty hot tea will the light go off and the heater switch off. Brilliant, right?

Although Glowstone’s tech is all safely tucked away inside the mug to make it dishwasher safe, you’ll still have to give it a charge every now and then. It comes with its very own wireless charging coaster, which you can also use to juice up your phone and other Qi-enabled gadgets the rest of the time.


Glowstone comes with its very own wireless charging coaster

To make sure your mug doesn’t waste precious battery life, it’s equipped with a couple of safety features. It knows when it’s upside down, meaning it won’t turn on in the washing machine, and it will switch off when you charge it. It’s also smart enough to know the difference between a belly full of hot tea, and when it’s simply being dunked in the sink.

Ready to embrace the future of tea? You can hop in line for an early bird deal on Kickstarter right now. The cheapest early bird bundle complete with mug and Qi charger currently sits at £69. Shipping is set for December this year if the campaign is successful.