It's like OK Google got a personality...

If you’ve been feeling like your conversation with OK Google is a bit one-sided, you’ll be pleased to know that Google has just debuted a new AI assistant that talks back.

Announced at Google I/O conference this week, Google Assistant is a new voice-activated search assistant that will engage in a two-way, natural language conversation to get to the root of what you’re searching for.

Speaking on the stage at the conference, CEO Sundar Pichai said, “We think of it as building each user’s own individual Google. We’ve started becoming truly conversational with our users.”

Google Home assistant

Google Assistant will be on call inside Google’s new smart home speaker, Google Home.

Pichai gave the example of Googling movie times and booking tickets, where you could make comments like, “We’d like the bring the kids this time”. Google Assistant would then pipe up with questions about how many tickets you like, and whether you’d like to go ahead and book, before confirming the purchase for you.

What’s handy is that Google Assistant will be available to summon just by saying, “OK Google” as normal. It will be available everywhere you can say “OK Google”, which includes mobile devices, desktops, and on Google’s forthcoming Amazon Echo rival, the Google Home speaker. It will also play a big part in the company’s new Allo chat app that lets you send queries via text.