Watch your back, Amazon Echo - Google's rival speaker finally has a release date.

At its I/O conference in May this year, Google announced an Amazon Echo-killing smart home speaker – Google Home – to rule the roost using voice control. And if word from Android Police‘s Google sources holds true, Alexa’s nemesis will be arriving next week on October 4th at a #MadeByGoogle event.

What do we know so far? Google Home is a Bluetooth-powered speaker powered by Google’s brand new voice tech Google Assistant. It can answer questions, toggle your music and control smart home devices. So far, so Alexa.

Being Google-owned, the speaker supports Google Cast, which lets you stream music from your phone and control other cast-compatible gadgets you might own.

Amazon Echo Google Home

Amazon Echo hit the UK recently after taking the US by storm

Just like Alexa, the speaker itself is a simplistic affair, with only tiny LED lights as status indicators, although it’s unsure at this point exactly what they’ll indicate. Alexa’s ring of lights glows when she’s listening, so it’s likely Google Home operates in a similar way.

Will Google Home be better than Amazon Echo? We have no idea. All we know is that Amazon Echo has had a 2-year head start, so Google Home has some major catching up to do. It will definitely help that Google Home will most likely be cheaper than Echo. Android Police says Google sources put a $129 (around £100) price tag on it. The Amazon Echo is £149.99.


  • Story via: TNW