The nifty little list-maker can now auto-complete your shopping lists and stop you accidentally picking up milk twice.

Google Keep is already an incredibly useful go-to platform for list-making, note-taking, and general thought-dumping, but some clever new updates rolling out today are about to make it a much smarter tool for compiling your weekly shopping list.

First up is Google’s Keep’s new ability to autocomplete your shopping lists across both its web and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms. This means that if you type ‘strawberry’, for instance, Google keep will automatically bring up options like ‘strawberry yoghurt’, ‘strawberry sauce’, and so on, saving you a few extra key taps. What’s more, keep will now tell you if you put an item in a list twice, which stops you duplicating food items.

For general note-taking, Keep will also now instantly display a sneak preview when you add a website link to your notes – a small touch, but one that makes your notes less wordy and just that tiny bit more dynamic. And topping off Keep’s smarter chops is a fresh new website design which makes your notes pop nicely when you’re viewing keep on a desktop.

Google Keep