A new Ride Services tab in the Google Maps app on your iPhone will take care of your next journey.

Google has given us one more reason to carefully plan our every move using Google Maps thanks to the integration of a ton of new ride services.

For a while, we’ve been able to hail an Uber through Google Maps by tapping on the Uber icon after looking up directions. That then brings up a fare estimation and gives us the option to hail a roving Uber cab from within the Google Maps app, which has proved rather handy.

With the update, there are now even more taxi services available for users to tap and hail from the Maps screen – although, admittedly, only a couple of them apply to the UK. Along with Isreail, Russia, and NYC, we can now hail a black cab from Uber rival Gett. The lesser known Hailo is also available, covering London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Dublin, along with major cities in a few other countries.

Elsewhere, there’s now 99Taxis for Brazil and MyTaxi for Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

To access the apps via Google Maps, you’ll need to install the apps in order to see their pricing. Via Google Maps’ new Ride Services tab, you’ll be able to compare their prices with Uber before you hail a cab. That should be a lifesaver on a Saturday night when Uber’s surge pricing hits the roof.

If you’ve somehow managed to live your life without instant access to the infinite convenience of Google Maps, you can download it for iOS here.