The Nest-owned Revolv smart home hub will automatically stop working in May this year.

The founders of the Revolv smart home hub have announced that their home automation device will become completely useless to existing owners on 15th May. According to an announcement in February on Revolv’s website, the app won’t open and the $300 (£210) hub will cease to work entirely.

Revolv was picked up by Nest in October 2014 just nine months after Nest was acquired by Google holding company Alphabet. The team behind the Revolv hub was enlisted to work on Nest’s API program Works with Nest, a service that lets third-party products communicate with Nest’s thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras. Revolv stopped selling its hub straight away, but continued its support for existing hub and Revolv products – until now.

According to Revolv’s founders Tim Enwall and Mike Soucie, they will be pouring all of their energy into Works with Nest. In the announcement, the pair said: “Unfortunately, that means we can’t allocate resources to Revolv anymore and we have to shut down the service.”

While the shut-down will only impact a small number of consumers, the consequences are still jarring for those affected, and – not surprisingly – there are some ruffled feathers. Arlo Gilbert, entrepreneur and Revolv user wrote in a post on Medium: “On May 15th, my house will stop working. My landscape lighting will stop turning on and off, my security lights will stop reacting to motion, and my home made vacation burglar deterrent will stop working. This is a conscious intentional decision by Google/Nest.”

As Gilbert points out, Revolv’s decision to pull the plug on its hub while it’s already sitting in people’s homes raises important questions about manufacturers’ power over devices that combine software and hardware.