If aesthetics are just as import to you as music, you'll fall in love with this elegant little music box designed by a Buddhist.

You may not realise it, but your Bluetooth speaker could be killing your zen. That’s the opinion of Kosho Tsoboi, anyway, and it’s exactly why he came up with Gravity – a graceful Bluetooth and WiFi speaker that wants to give you and your home a sense of inner peace.

Now when it comes to smart tech, it’s usually the wiring on inside that really counts for us. Inner peace? Whatever – we want inner tech, thanks. But in this case, even we can’t hold back from saying our piece. It’s unmistakably divine. A deep black cube perched on hidden legs, Gravity hovers delicately on whatever surface you place it on, and can even pull off a clever balancing stunt on the edge of shelves. It’s kind of mesmerising.

What’s perhaps most eye-catching, however, is Gravity’s invisible display. By marrying a mirror with a transparent prism, the display captures details like song name and artist as if they’re floating in mid air above the speaker. The prism even casts a light effect onto surfaces when it catches the sun, which is rather pretty and – we guess – yet another feature that just adds to the whole inner zen malarkey.

Gravity display

Gravity’s floating display suspends your track info in mid-air as if by magic.

Moving on to the music, and Gravity can actually deliver quite a punch. Passive double resonant diaphragms and dual drive units create enhanced base, while a built-in advanced chip reduces distortion rate for clear, sharp audio. In short, if you do ever feel like disrupting the peaceful zen by beaming a power ballad to the speaker at full blast, Gravity is up to the job.

If it’s inner peace in the form of smart tech that you’re after, you can head over to Indiegogo to pre-order Gravity. Its current early bird price tag is $199 (£136), which isn’t half bad for a Bluetooth speaker with a side order of soul-cleansing. The campaign has cleared nearly half of its funding goal with still a month left to go, so there’s a high chance it will go into production as planned and hit its release date of December 2016.