We're not here to judge your smartphone safe place.

Smartphone mounts. They’re not much to write home about. They do a job. Some of theme even charge our phones, which is a nice little touch. But on the whole, they leave us all feeling a bit…meh. That is, until this fella came along. Meet the gravity-defying Grip Strip…

It’s squidgy, it’s clingy, it’s sticky…it’s a smartphone mount that you’ll actually want in your toy box – I mean tool kit. This phone-sucking piece of flubber is made from a sci-fi polymer compound that gives it the grip of a Titan.

Grip Strip 2

Image: Firebox

It can cling tightly onto object from your phone to your iPad or sat nav, and is even resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight, making it perfect for your various mounted screen needs at home or on the go.

Slap it on the dash, whap it on your desk, or plop it on your fridge to make a previously un-sticky surface as sticky as you like it.

Horizontal or vertical – it’s your call. And when it loses its stickiness, just give it a quick wipe with a damp towel to restore that cling factor.

You can swipe up Grip Strip from Firebox for just £6.99. It’s pre-orders only at the moment, with stock expected to come in on 30th August this year.