Biopod is a microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation, and rainfall to create the perfect environment for your choice of plants, herbs, flowers, and pets.

With a misting system, LED lights with UVA and UVB bulbs, biopic air injection, and a substrate multi-sensor, Biopod is able to accurately mimic the kind of conditions that your plant life and exotic pets are used to in the wild.

Cultivate a miniature rainforest, a tropical flower landscape, an all-year-round veggie patch, or even a habitat for your pet reptile by simply telling Biopod what you’re putting inside it via an app on your phone. Drawing from hundreds of custom-designed habits, Biopod will automatically regulate the right conditions for your needs, or let you design a habitat of your own if you prefer.

One your seeds are planted or your animals are inside, Biopod will take care of them, so there’s very little you’ll need to do other than any additional feeding, pruning, or manual misting that you see fit. The Biopod app tells you the length of growth cycles, when to expect blooming and harvesting, and keeps you updated on variables like soil condition. An integrated Wi-Fi lock keeps everything inside safe and secure.

Fancy making a documentary of your baby Iguana’s first year? There’s even an HD video camera in Biopod’s lid which constantly films its contents and lets you see a time lapse playback of plant growth or pet activity within the app.

If you’re feeling proud of your Biopod microhabit, you can share it with other users around the world by connecting to the Biopod cloud, and collect handy tips and tricks.

Save around £80 on the retail price by pre-ordering Biopod now for $279 (around £181). Shipping to anywhere in the world in December this year.


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