Want to grow some weird and wacky plants at home? Time to bring in Grow Box...

Growing plants at home can be a tricky business – especially if you’re cursed with the ability to kill a pot plant just by looking in its direction. But with Grow Box, absolutely anyone can grow all kinds of amazing shrubs and tropical plants without really having to lift a finger.

Grow Box is, in its maker’s words, a sunlight emulator, irrigation system and climate controller in one. It’s a 70-inch tall cabinet equipped with a 7-gallon water tank, water pump, LED light system, soil moisture sensor and humidity sensor that make it practically self-sustaining.

7Sensors Grow Box KitchenAll you need to do is pop in your plant or seeds, fill the tank with water and use the phone app to tell Grow Box exactly what’s inside it. Put it by the window, under a desk- even under a cupboard. It doesn’t really matter, because Grow Box’s system of sensors will make sure that the lights, humidity, temperature and irrigation levels are always perfect for the plant inside.

This, of course, means that it can handle way more than your average household spider plant or potted geranium. With the ability to emulate absolutely any kind of tropical climate, Grow Box can nurture the most obscure plants from far off climes – as long as they’ll fit inside a 24-inch square, 70-inch tall box, obviously.

7Sensors Grow Box BedroomYou can even use the app to set the sunrise and sunset times to really give your plant the feeling that it’s soaking up the sun in its home paradise. And because there’s a tidy 7 gallons of water available inside its tank, you only really have to replace the water a few times a year. Beats having to remember to water a pot plant that withers if it doesn’t get a drink in 2 days.

As well as being low maintenance, Grow Box is also something of an ec0 warrior. When operating at peak levels, it uses around 200 watts of energy, which is the same as a household lightbulb. Most of the time, though, it only uses around 10 to 100 watts.

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No chemicals, no complicated watering schedules, no faffing about – just beautiful plants that take care of themselves. Perfect for anyone with a track history in killing off houseplants.

If that’s you, you can sign up here to be among the first to know when Grow Box hits the shops.