This digital music score from Gvido saves you taking your fingers off the keys.


Turning a page in a book isn’t a difficult task, but when you’re part-way through the complicated bit of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 2 on the piano and already in need of an extra arm, it’s not such an easy feat.

And don’t even mention the fact that the sheet you’re reading from is in a book that won’t stay propped open. Now that is blood-boiling stuff.

Thanks to a clever E Ink gadget called Gvido, however, the hell of turning pages and navigating your sheet music while you’re mid-tune is finally over. With two 13.3-inch E Ink displays packing 8GH of internal memory for all of your sheets, the Gvido digital music score will turn your page over in an instant with just one swift tap…

Gvido turning page

If you’re prone to scribbling all over your sheet music when you want to add your own little flourishes to a piece, you can even annotate your digital sheets right from the E Ink screen. You’ll have to use a Wacom pen, mind – not your usual pencil or black biro. All of your notes will get stored along with your sheet music for next time you play.

Gvido annotatingThere’s currently no word on pricing from Gvido’s Tokyo makers, but you can sign up here to get email updates.